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"I;m now uploading the new episode for my members! This thursday I'll also make it available for the non-members


Thanks for visiting my website!

As you know I'm going to upload the newest Heartland episodes as soon as possible!

And I'm also going to upload the older episodes, the episodes of  season 1, 2, 3, and 4!

I know how it feels when you can't find any site where you can watch the episodes, so I'm trying to upload the videos as fast as I can, but my computer isn't always the fastest one, so my excuses if it's going to take a few days after the new episode has been on TV...

Oh yeah, I've almost forgotten to say: If you become a member of this site, I'll send you a message as soon as the new episode is uploaded!

I hope you enjoy my site!

Greets, Thura

P.s. Sorry if my English isn't perfect! I live in the Netherlands, so I'm not used to speak English! And the translator on Google isn't always 100% correct..